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Darwin International School

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Average: 3.1 (38 votes)
School Name: 
Darwin International School
Municipality or City: 
Santa Maria
No. or Street: 
# 1656 RSP Bldg.
School Head: 
Ricardo S. Dela Cruz
(044) 6415703

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My daughter is currently enrolled at a Nursery here at Darwin Muzon branch. And I must say that my daughter compared to other kids of her age is fully advanced. This is in terms of reading, mathematics and computer. At her age 4, she can do Addition, Subtraction and fluently speak in English. Thanks to Darwin International school. Hindi nasasayang ang pera namin ni Mister :) Happy and contented mom here.
I'm currently a student at Darwin and I've read all the replies and most of it are negative. I've been studying here for almost 12 years na at lahat ng nabasa ko dito totoo. The way they teach the students ay sobrang mali, kasi lahat provided na sakanila. In short spoonfeeding lang school namin. Usually kapag malapit na exam minememorize lang namin yung sagot sa reviewer kasi madalas copy paste lang siya. Tapos kapag hindi mo pa na-reach yung excellent na score may part 2 pa for that. Kaya palagi nalang mataas tingin sa school kasi halos lahat ng students hindi bumababa ng 89 grades nila. And about the English speaking policy, sobrang hoax. Kung sino unang makita ng guidance counselor namin, sila na yung ililista dun sa mga nag-vioalte. So what's the point of that pa kung hindi rin naman susundan ng mga staff diba ? If you've been to one of our branches, maririnig mo na most of the students aren't following the policy anymore kasi hindi naman siya nai-implement ng maayos. And what I hate about my school the most is that they do not listen to our criticisms. Mapa student or parent ka. The office will just act sympathetic pero wala silang ginagawang aksyon. Sobrang daming dumi na tinatago ng school namin, maybe that's the reason why bawal magdala ng phones dito kahit di ginagamit during discussion kasi baka may magpicture ng mga dumi nila . Lol. Spending almost my whole life here in school, the only thing I love about school are my friends. That is one of the reason why I don't have plans on transferring to a different school. Also, students usually have a hard time in transferring kasi nahihirapan sila magadjust kasi nasanay sila dito sa system dito sa Darwin. It's not that I'm bashing my school, lahat ng nakalagay dito totoo. Don't plan on enrolling your child sa school kasi not gonna lie, some of the kids here (ranging grades 1 to 3) ay mga bastos. There is so much more to say about my school pero these are enough na. Also, not just sa system of teaching nila dito ang panget, also the facilities itself. Sobrang hirap saming mga students na wala man lang locker sa school. We all have to bring almost 10 books everyday, and kapag bata ka palang yun janitor lang namin yun nagbubuhat edi hassle rin sakanila yon. This isn't the worst school naman, may mga konting advantages rin. But overall, this is a very bad school
Yung tipong nag bigay ng 9-12 am sa orientation sa isang papel na may sub.pero nung pumasok ng 9 eh sbi 1pm pa daw nag txt daw sila pero wala nman kme natanggap at ung 500 na bag na parang sa palengke lang pedeng bilin dahil sa quality at ung text book na napakanipis
My 3 boys are all enrolled in Darwin located in SJDM. I agree that there are a lot of things that the school should improve on to stay competitive. There is no extra curricular activities in this school and I feel that the kids are not encouraged to be readers. The library-if you can even call it that, is off limits to the students. What they lack, parents should be able to provide. I say this because my sons were enrolled in Quezon City before I transferred them to Bulacan. There is a 20k- 30k difference in the tuition fees. The money saved from the lower tuition fee rate can be used to supplement your children's learning
This DIS is a big no-no..this is the only school n nakita ko na nagpapaexam ng cover to cover. All books yun pagdating palang ng 3rd grading. Worst curriculum.. And yung math nilang advance, sucks! I am a math teacher, npkapoor ng math nila.why? Hindi magaling yung teacher nila. Addition, subtraction, multiplication,& division was tackled in only a month.. Walang mastery. Puro memorization.wala nmn application lalo computer. May Japanese subject, pero memorization. Word by word. After school year, di rin kaya ng mga bata magconverse in Japanese language...
I need to know the contact details for malolos branch. I need to ask if they are accepting grade 12 student from overseas. My son is now grade 11 and wish to continue his grade 12 studies in Philippines. please let me know
I have read all different comments and experiences of parents and kids to Darwin International School. Honestly, I am weighing if I am going to enroll my son to Nursery by Next School Year 2017 in that school. He's 4y/o by that time. I was just amazed on the entrance exam of nursery which are alphabet writing and logic. Honestly I am expecting my son to learn all of these things at school perfectly. At early age we were already teaching him on Alphabets, Numbers means of Flash Cards. I even bought him a quite expensive "Talking English" set of books But his interest is more of pictures of different things and animals plus you should tell him something interesting about it. We observed that he wants to learn on his own way and doesn't want to be push into something. My husband and I, also agreed on that. Of course, like anybody else, we don't want to be push on something that we do not want. :) He also has a high memory retention on different things and places. He can speaks few english, and can translate it in tagalog on his own way. Meaning, he understands and can explain what he is saying. He is also good in reasoning out and often asks questions on simple but logical matters. He can recite those alphabets and numbers but can't write it yet. How can he pass those entrance exams?!! I think the school should be more considerate for the kids who are just about to enter a school for the 1st time and make assessment on the child's learning process after that school taught our kids about their "advance curriculum" as they mentioned it, so the parents like us will be guided as well on how to make our children improve on their weaknesses and focus on their interests, rather. I'll try Darwin and see it for myself If It's really worth enrolling my son in that school. :)
Darwin International School sa Maloloss. Ang international school na walang sariling Copying (xerox) machine. Hingi ka ng copy ng documents, tatawagin pa yung boy nila para magpa xerox sa labas. 
Hi I'back. My 4 year old daughter is now enrolled in toddler class. With all the negative feedback, we still decided to enroll here there. So far, I like what I am seeing. Yes, there are some drawbacks like the pronunciation of SOME english words. My daughter sang "clap dem SOPLY one, to, tree..." well that was a disappointment I have to say. I have to correct my daughter many times. However, the fact that my daughter speaks english MORE often now make me forgive some of those flaws. Then there's the curriculum. Personally I think I like the curriculum per se. My daughter came home one day and she can't stop talking about Mount Everest, Angel Falls, and Sahara Dessert. So I decided to go online via youtube for her to appreciate them more. :) Then there's Mona Lisa, Pieta, etcetc. She is so excited and so absorbed when I show her more pictures of these. I like the fact that this school is already making my daughter aware of what's out there in the big world and not just confine her in what she sees around her. :) Yes, their textbooks are photocopied and all (kind of disappointing too especially if the lesson is about colors...) However, perosnally I think the content is relevant and has substancce. I like that they are already teaching this kind of math and science in toddler class.   Overall, yes, there are some flaws here and there. They lack this and that. But the fact that I see my daughter interested and learning makes me give this school a thumbs up for now. :)
May I ask how much is the tuition fee now for Grade 5 student?  We plan to transfer our daughter to Darwin International School this school year.   Thanks!
Hi there Mica100, may i ask how do you find the school premises? I've read a review that it doesnt even have a playground, not even colorful grafitti in the walls to entice young children. Im honestly not much into curriculum but more of whether my son will enjoy his stay in school. School takes half of their day so i want to make sure he is in a child friendly environment. I never thought that school hunting is very stressful, any inputs will be appreciated. Thanks. How is your daughter doing?  Thanks.
Hi marilyn,  the school premises is ...small. Yep, no playground at all. No colorful grafittis or the likes. Just plain 'ol walls and surroundings. But, the school overall looks clean. Neat and tidy. Personally, I would love to see more colors but otherwise, its no big deal. For me, I am really more concerned of what kind of children my daughter will eventually be friends with.. To be straightforward, I want my child to grow up in the company of more 'finesse' children (crossing my fingers on this). So far, the toddler class activities are fun. My daughter enjoys them all plus she also learns. But if you are more into 'visual' surroundings for your son then you might find this school disappointing..   
Hi, I just enrolled my daughter for summer class at DIS in prepration for the upcoming school year. Well, for one I have high expectations for this school. With all the negative comments here..I am beginning to feel a bit concern. Anyway, we will all see how she does by the end of this summer class. :)  
I just enrolled my grand kid prep at Darwin. I have a great expectation in the curriculum and systems applied by Darwin. Thank you very much. Reysun
Darwin is quite a good school with a high standard of teaching. I,myself, am from Darwin but I was kick out because I failed to reach the retention grade. Well, I can say that the teachers are good as well but you won't often see the headmaster at all. You should be lucky enough to see him 3 times a year. :)
the way they handle their events is one of my concers as a parent. pero all in all i'll give this school a +1 my daughter was only 3years old when she entered DIS now  she's turning 5 next month, she already knows how to read and write english and tagalog words. and everytime i see her comprehend problems is a always wow moment actually ayaw ng anak ko magsulat noong bata pa sya.pero after a year or two napakahilig n magsulat and mag draw. plus she's competing against her mom when it comes to speaking english the way her mom my wife is a trainer in Convergys(call center company) give this school a try you'll never regret it highly suggested sa mga batang gustong mag improve when it comes to  reading and writing english and tagalog words
San po branch yung daughter nyo? I'm planning to enroll my son at Darwin as early as possible. 2 years old palang sya
Kahit marami akong naririnig n bad comments about darwin, I decided to transfer my daughter last year sa school n to kasi malapit lang smin ung isang branch. After a year, im very pleased kasi ang laki ng improvement ng anak ko especially when it comes to her study habits. She always tells me that she has to do her best all the time, which is nakakatuwa kasi at a very young age, she already knows that! Also, gusto ko honors system nila. Hindi katulad s ibang school na may top1 top2, ang laki ng competition pati among parents. Sa Darwin, may grade n dapat iachieve., kung lahat kayo naka achieve ng mataas, lahat kau first distinction, which is healthy pra sa moral ng bata. kasi lahat sila ginawa yung best nila and they were able to have honours. walang pagalingan, lahat sila magagalin! Keep up the good work Darwin!Good education is never SUPERFICIAL. Although madaming flaws, what matters is kung ano ang naiiwan sa isip ng bata.
Darwin sucks. That is the usual feedback i get from parents who were so dissatisfied. They regretted sending their kids to Darwin and they are glad they had them tranferred to another school. Oh my they are full of BS. Well, parents no harm in trying so see it for yourself. But this school is a rip off.
i am planning to transfer my daughter in darwin international school in san jose del monte bulacan. may i know its contact number and exact address? how much will be the total fee (tuition/reg/misc) for grade7 for school year 2013-2014?
help, need some opinion plan ko kasing ipasok sa darwin ang 3 yrs old daughter ko, she can read and talk pero di super perfect grammar and hindi pa sya makapagsulat kasi parang tamad pa. matututo kaya sya sa darwin? di biro kasi ang tuition fee dun. pls. help saan kaya magandang school dito sa bulacan. thanks
Good day moms & Dads ..... I am a father of Adrian Joseph na nag aral at magtatapos sa Darwin International School, nag start syang mag aral sa Darwin since nung sya ay 4 years old pa lang, that time saling cat lang muna sya or sit-in kumbaga for us to know kung magugustuhan nya mag aral sa Darwin School, dahil that time wala syang alam isulat kundi two (2) letters lang ng name nya yung A & J, he doesn't even know how to read dahil nga 4 years old pa lang sya, kahit na tinuturuan namin sya wala sa pag-aaral ang focus nya kundi sa laro, after nyang makapag sit-in nagbago unti unti ang gusto at hilig nya, hindi na namain sya mapahinto sa pagpasok sa school which is isang magandang SIGN sa amin na ituloy ang pag pasok nya sa Darwin, after a year he turns 5 years old and nagulat kami sa mabilis na development ng anak namin he knows how to read not only books but english newspapers, ang maganda pa rito hindi lang nya nababasa kundi naiintindihan nya at naipapaliwanag kung ano yung binasa nya in his own way, and he start to speak and talk in english, at the age of six he knows how to pronounce the word correctly and perfectly and natutuwa kami dahil pati Diction nya nadedevelop, kaya nasabi ko sa sarili ko na ito ang school na hinahanap ko para sa mga anak ko inisip ko that time na itong school na ito ang magpapabago at magdadala sa anak ko sa magandang hinaharap, so tuloy tuloy lang kami sapag gabay habang sya ay lumalaki at nag aaral sa Darwin International School. Nung sya ay nasa Elementary na napansin namin na mahilig na sya sa mga books of course nandun pa rin ang Games but priority nya yung pagbabasa at pag-aaral, nung nasa grade school na sya fluent nasyang mag salita ng english at di sya nahihiya makipag usap ng english sa mga kalaro at kaibigan nya even in malls he always speak english .....
let me continue ...... dumaan ang panahon at naka graduate ang anak ko si Adrian ng elementary ng wala naman akong nakikitang problema, the books or yung sinasabi nilang textbooks ay ok naman, XEROX ...scan or whatever wala naman akong nakitang problema, wala naman kasi sa ganda or ganda ng cover or sa pagiging colored ng isang libro ang halaga nito ang importante alam at natututunan ng bata kung ano nilalaman ng libro mula umpisa gang huli, marami akong nakitang libro na sikat pa ang mga gumawa pero wala pa sa kalahati ang naituturo ng school sa nilalaman ng libro, maganda nga at colored pero wala pa sakalahati ang nabasa o natutunan ng estudyante kaya para sa akin walang problema yung txtbooks kahit black & White as long na alam ng anak ko mga nilalaman ng nito, after ng elementary sa Darwin International School din nag high school ang anak ko at sya na ang nagtutturo sa bunso kong anak sa lahat ng assignment at pag aaral nito, isang napaka laking bagay na yun para sa aming mag asawa dahil hindi na namin sila tinuturuan bagkus sila naang nag aaral mag isa para sa mga aralin nila, masasabi kong ang karanasan ko sa panganay kong si Adrian ay katulad at kaparis ng karanasan ko ngayon sa bunso kong anak na nag aaral din sa Darwin International School na wala akong ka proble - problema she is good in all subjects . . . tuloy tuloy lang ang pag aaral ng mga anak ko sa Darwi, dahil naniniwala ako at malaki ang pagtitiwala ko sa Darwin sa magandang nilang adhikain at pamamaraan para maturuan at magabayan ang mga batang nag aaral dito tungo sa mataas na antas ng pag aaral at sa maganda nitong kinabukasan o hinaharap, sa aking pananaw kailangan din at dapat gabayan ng mga magulang ang mga anak sa kanilang pag aaral na kung minsan nakakalimutan natin at nai aasa na lamang sa school, dapat nating maisa isip na sa bahay nagsisimula ang pag hubog at pagtuturo sa ating mga anak, pangalawa na lamang ang sa school......nais kong ibalita sa inyong nakakuha ng mataas na marka ang anak ko sa NCAE na 99++ , isa ring malaking karangalan kong ibalita sa inyo na naipasa ng anak kong si Adrian Joseph ang lahat ng school na kinuhanan nya ng Entrance Examination Test .... ito ay ang mga sumusunod ... UP, Ateneo, De La Salle, Mapua, UST & San Beda ... dahil na rin sa mataas na antas or for being a HIGH STANDARD school ng Darwin International School .... kaya eto lang ang masasabi ko sa Darwin International School .... Keep up the good work, THE BEST talaga ang Darwin International School sa buong Bulacan.....ipagpatuloy nyo lang at palawigin pa ang maganda ninyong adhikain, paramihin pa ang mga magagaling at mahuhusay na mga mag aaral sa ating bansa.....I would like to thank all the teachers, admins and of course esp. to Prof. Rolando Dela Cruz sa magaling at maayos na pagtuturo sa mga anak ko at sa mga iba pang mag-aaral ng Darwin..... God Bless you always.
Don't be fooled by Darwin International School! This school should not be called an INTERNATIONAL school. Yes the lessons are difficult but your kids will learn mastery of memorization in short "kabisote". My nephew studied here since 4yo, he turned eight without learning how to read and write, we had to enroll him to E-NOPI to learn reading and writing. Parents and students are fooled because even if your kid is left behind your kid will be in the honor roll. They require students to undergo tutorial class but this tutorial is only an extension of class, a time for students to finish their assignments, also an extension of tuition fee. Teachers don't care if there are some of the kids left behind, they will jump on the next difficult lesson without assuring that all students learned and understand the lesson. The teachers here are fresh graduates from not so good schools and they do not know what they are teaching. yes, they got good passing rate in top universities because only bright students can survive here off course not because of how good this school is but because of the help and support of parents and these students were born bright. So if your kids are not that good, don't enroll them here because they will end up not learning anything but memorization, they will got bored with very difficult lessons, black and white photocopies binded and called textbooks.
so your nephew wasn't able to read until 8? instead of blaming the school, hindi ba na-MONITOR man lng ng parents yon? I am a hands-on mom because coz i care much.
her mom and dad is in the US. Di talaga nafollow up kasi umasa sila sa tutorial class na nirequire ng Darwin. Nakaenroll ang pamangkin ko ng tutorial dun niya tinatapos ang homeworks niya kaya inaasahan pag-uwi ng bahay wala na talagang homeworks kasi tapos na nila. Nirequire din siya magsummer  ng reading and writing para daw maging madali ang susunod na school year marunong ng magbasa. Di siya natuto bumasa, at umiiyak talaga siya. Batong bato siya sa school na ito kasi puro memorization. 4yo kinakabisado na nila hardware, software, diskette, etc. na di naman nila nakikita kasi wala silang computer laboratory. Nagmememorize na sila ng Basoon, oboe, flute na di nila alam how it looks like kasi walang pictures, walang visual aids. NagpiPE sila na wala man lang silang quadrangle o court man lang, saan sila pwede man lang tumakbo kung wala man lang space para magPE.  Kaya nga kung busy mom ka at di mo matututukan wag mo ienroll sa school na ito. Sobrang mahal ng tuition, You'll not get what you pay for.
All praises for Darwin International School, eh? My three-year old niece took an "entrance exam" for their pre-school course early this month. First, I deemed that "entrance exam" should not be the term used for such assessment. They should assess these children's ability and skills, and talents, not their knowledge (as if they have extensive knowledge already--for that matter.) My sister even had to call their office to inquire if her daughter "passed" that daunting "entrance exam". The person who supposedly assessed my niece was the one she was able to speak with, informing her that my niece unfortunately was not able to make it. My sister was quite surprised because the assessor COULD NOT EVEN PROVIDE THE GROUNDS WHY MY NIECE FAILED THAT "EXAM" TO THINK THAT THE ASSESSOR WAS THE ONE WHO WAS PRESENT THEN. Eventually, she mentioned that my niece could not "FOCUS". MY NIECE IS JUST THREE YEARS OLD, for crying out loud, and have I mentioned that she speaks perfect English? Who would expect a three year old to be downright focused given that it was her first time to be assessed for schooling? The assessor also mentioned that the verdict (of my niece not making it) was given by the MAIN OFFICE/MOTHER OFFICE, How would that be when other school officials were not even there? It was only THE ASSESSOR and my niece! Also, my niece answered all her questions although she was crying when asked, DOES THAT ENTAIL LOSS OF FOCUS? It was so frustrating, not because of my niece not passing that so-called "EXAM for THREE YEAR OLDS (which by the way includes LOGIC and ALPHABET WRITING for such an early age)" but because the assessor/s seems not to know what she 's doing and does not even answer in GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT AND STRAIGHT ENGLISH, she lacks knowledge in CHILD PSYCHOLOGY AND CHILD ASSESSMENT! When asked by my sister if she even took child psychology units, she answered "ANIM NA TAON NA PO AKONG NAGTUTUTRO," SO WHAT? You did not understand the question, did you? With that kind of treatment and assessment quality, it is surprising that a lot of parents send their kids to Darwin. I am not sourgraping, so is my sister, because we only looked into this option for proximity reasons. Now, we can wait sending my very smart niece to Gymboree. Worth the money, worth the distance.
Mag start na ung daughter ko sa monday ng summer class sa darwin and she's grade 3. Actually im not decided kung itutuloy ko pa. Im trying too look for a good school in malolos bulacan. Pumasa naman siya sa darwin but parang d ako fully convinced sa darwin after reading comments here.

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