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Don Carlo Cavina School

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Don Carlo Cavina School
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Chrysenthemun St. Hansuyin Village
School Head: 
Sr. Remidios L. Tayam, DSFS

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This school? continues to over amp it's loud speaker system to educate? and entertain the student body. We, the neighbors of this school? are forced to hear daily announcements, programs, festivals etc. Many of my neighbors have made complaints directly to the school? to no avail. Entertaining rather than education seems to be the main goal for this school?
When we left the institution, there were already visible improvements. Not as grand and perfect as you may expect it to be, but still. Success is a work in progress– it doesn't happen overnight. I don't know what happened in DCCS after we've graduated but I hope your concern gets to them directly, not in any public sites cos it WON'T help you in solving your problems PLUS it won't do any good. Unless you've been studying in that institution since preschool until highschool, you don't get to say whether the school improved or not, because I've studied there for more than a decade and I can tell you, they excelled in terms of academe, facilities, teachers, etc. But if you believe you are better than your teachers, go ahead and help yourself and your classmates. Make your stay worthwhile, the way you'll remember your school days will all depend in your own hands. Instead of sulking and focusing on the bad side, try to look at the brighter side. I will always remember my highschool and elementary days because I've spent it with the best people I have ever met in that school. If only you could see all your ates and kuyas who graduated from DCCS, you'lll be really proud to be a Cavinian. But really, if DCCS disappoints you SO much, go ahead and find a new school! You only get to walk this path once (elem, hs, college), I advice you to make the most out of it! God bless you. :-)
I'm a 10th Grade student here at DCCS. Almost 90% of the Grade 10 will be leaving for Grade 11. Why? First, this school does NOT offer QUALITY EDUCATION. This school only focuses for the money that we are paying! Second, the tuition fee is increasing every year. Still, there is NO improvement in terms of facilities and kind of system we have. Yes, it is an air-conditioned classroom kind of school. But, the zircon sucks because I doesn't make the entire classroom cold! I guess it's just 0.5 lol. THIRD, the teachers. The teachers are VERY UNPROFESSIONAL why? some of them are not competitive and the teachers have so many load of subject. The Music, Arts, and Health was not able to discuss properly because the teacher of it was not a Music, Arts, and Health teacher! FOURTH, the entire school population is decreasing. As of AY 2016-2017 the JHS population is just 227. 50 of them are scholar due to financial problem. It means that if you want to enroll here you can't be competitive enough. FIFTH, the senior high school department. They are offering STEM, ABM, HUMMS, GAS, Business Outsourcing Processing and Event Management! Look how many they are offering! But, the facilities is just THE SAME! NO IMPROVEMENTS AND EXPANTION! They only have 41 SHS Students and did you know they are compressing in just ONE CLASSROOM! DIFFERENT STRAND, SAME CLASSROOM! What is the significance of choosing your own track? SIXTH, the location. The school is located at DIRTY and POLLUTED environment! it is not suitable if you want to focus because it is also noisy due to the squatter areas behind the HS Building. And beside the Gym, the school BURN all their junks their! SEVENTH, the school administration. They are all liars and unprofessional too. According from one of my previous teacher, he smells that there is CORRUPTION happening inside the school. Btw, we saw the pay slip of one of our teacher, she was earning around 12,000 ONLY per month! yes, 12,000 ONLY! So it means that the teachers here are does not have the skills to teach intelligently and competitively. In general, just think if you still want to study here. As WE experienced, this school will not give you the skills and knowledge you need in this world. This school will not provide the thing you need except the receipt of your payment. JUST DON'T ENROLL AT DON CARLO CAVINA SCHOOL! Education is very sensitive in your future. You only study once or twice. DREAM BIG! don't let stuck your self in a school where in you can't move and learn. P.S They don't have field trips, the food in the canteen costs like gold, the gates are rusted, the air smells foul, the bleachers look like 100 years old, the tuition fee does not includes the books, uniforms, school papers, etc.. The average tuition fee here is around P50,000 but you will pay more than that because the HS Night, Plays, are not included. JUST DON'T STUDY AT DCCS!
yes, i wont let my child study there anymore. why? well, seeing how some of your spellings are so incorrect (maybe they are typos) i guess the educ. quality sucks then.
The school has improved a lot in terms of facilities. Though maganda na yung school when I was a student, my siblings are telling me about recent improvements like speechlab, computer lab (1:1, flat screen, high speed net), airconditioned rooms, etc. Plus the college courses na inooffer nila. Nakaka proud bilang isang Cavinian graduate!!!!

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