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Maria Montessori School of Quezon City

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Average: 3.3 (4376 votes)
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Maria Montessori School of Quezon City
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116 Visayas Ave.
School Head: 
Maritza L. Tecson

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MMSQC is my first school too! This is where i grow up and I really love this school. Though the teachers are not that good I could say that they really tried their best to share their knowledge to us students. I beg to disagree to all those who commented negative things about this school.
hey...ive been studying in maria montessori for 9 years..nothing goes bad with it...if u took bad advantage about our school just be ur words......maybe ur child just need to listen very well and study hard if thats the case!...dont take bad advantage of our school because im a loyal student from my school!...
My friends and I have been teaching in a review center in Quezon City. Based on our experience with the Ma. Montessori students, we believe that the school is not effective in teaching their kids the basic foundation skills in math, science and english. Though, the kids (from the school) whom we interacted with are eager and motivated to learn, they dismally fared in exams in comparison with other students from other schools. And these are the top 10% of the graduating batch (because only the top 10% can take the Science High School qualifying exams). A word of advice, when choosing a good school, always check the background of the teachers as they are the ones who would have direct contact with your child, thus, have the most influence in your child's development in all areas -- intellectual, physical, social and emotional.
I agree...100%, based from my experience. My son graduated in MMSQC in gr 6. The lessons in English, Science & Math were very basic, my son cannot cope up with the lessons in his new school. In fact I am planning to enroll him in a refresher course.
Thanks so much for this info! I was sold on enrolling my child there even with the sky-high tuition fees but what gave me pause was when my daughter took the entrance test. She said it was super easy - this, for a child who studied previously in a public elementary school. I thought, if it was so easy to enter this school, most probably it was more focused on the quantity of the enrollees, not the quality of education the school is providing. Good thing, my sister suggested I look at JASMS in QC. It's a small school but with a good reputation and track record. My daughter took an hour doing the entrance exam but thankfully passed. The facilities are old but what I'm after is the quality of teaching. There are only 18 of them in the class which to me is perfect. Really, when we parents look for a school for our kids, we really have to do research and evaluate the school and its teachers. Not even a name with a Montessori attached to it can guarantee a school's performance. Ultimately, it's their students and graduates who will determine it. And judging from this, Ma. Montessori in QC fails. I hope in time its administrators will focus more on upgrading the abilities of its teachers and improving the curriculum, and not focus mainly on the bottom line. Thanks again.
I beg to disagree. I studied in MMSQC from Prep till I graduated Highschool and found the curriculum challenging. with the likes of Dr. Jesus Javier and Dra. Cecil Javier (authors of numerous school books -which JASMS probably doesn't use since the books' standards are too high for that school) teaching in that school, how could it not be top pf the line? I love Maria Montessori, some the best experiences of my life were memories from that school. Everybody is friendly and the teachers teach every student whose willing to learn. Excuse me but I don’t think that JASMS doesn’t even deserve to be compared to MMSQC.
Look. Even though the school's teachers aren't that good, well at least they're trying their best for your child's grades. It's not like your just going to compare on how the teacher will teach, it doesn't all depend on the faculty you know? It may also depend on how your child studies. Well like me, even though my grades aren't that high, I learned the teacher's way of teaching. If you know their way of teaching, you will likely get along with them. I mean, I've been in that school since I was a kindergarten student, and the guard (yes, we have a guard in the school, unlike the child your school has enrolled in.) knows my name very well. Now, for the entrance exams. They're making the entrance exams a BIT harder for the teachers to know how your child performs at their very best. The MMSQC entrance exams are well prepared for the students. As I said before, their making the entrance exams a BIT harder. I mean, they change/add/remove some of the questions that will make the entrance exam more challenging. Unlike the school your child is studying at, everyone can answer it! Even a CASA student can answer it!. And do you even know what CASA means? It means child in Italian. You see? You see how linguistic the students are? And did you even know that our school is enrolling foreign students from DIFFERENT countries? There are koreans, japanese and 2 students from the middle east. You see how our school is VERY confident to have students like these? And I'm guessing that one of your child's classmates came from public schools. Am I right? Have you seen Anykka Asistio? Yes! She is indeed one of the students in our school. You see how students in our school become famous stars?
Hi, I'm planning to enroll my daughter in this school, Ma. Montessori, QC. Is there anyone there who can give a review of it? The tuition fee is almost at par with the big schools like Miriam, San Beda, etc. I'd like to be sure about it first before we pool our resources. Would appreciate any objective information. Thanks
My colleagues and I have been teaching review classes for science high schools and based on our experience with their students, children from that school lack the foundation skills for math, science and english. It is a pity because we really find most of the kids from their school motivated and eager to learn although they really couldn't compete well with the students from other schools. And these are kids who are already in the top 10% of their batch (only the top 10% can apply for exam in science high schools). I also had the chance of visiting the school personally and I was not impressed with their teachers (especially their abilities and attitudes). When choosing for a good school, always check on the background of the teachers (e.g. what school they graduated from, their philosophy in teaching, etc.). Best to meet them and talk with them personally. Because ultimately your child will learn better only when he/she would be under the wings of a good and caring teacher.
Hey Anony. I beg to differ. My grades in Math may not be that high, and not that low, but I've learned my lesson. Tell me, what do you think is the job of the teachers? To teach, yes. Teach what? Lessons? Lesson where? In school? Oh no. Lessons in school and in life. Math doesn't always teach you to find what's missing or have problems when you can't solved anything but for me, Math tells us that every problem has a solution. As for your comment about the teachers, have you ever heard of the saying "Don't judge the book by its cover."? Don't always base them on their past. It's not always their past that affects their way of teaching. And if I may, I would like to quote what you have just said. "Best to meet them and talk with them personally." Now, this is my question. Have you talked with them personally? No? Then you have no right to say that when you haven't talked to them personally. Bottom line? YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.
I will speak in English everyday... ahhahaha
Haha.. I remember having to stay after class writing "I will speak English everyday" in second grade... I went to MMSQC since prep to 3rd grade. MMSQC, I think, is a very advanced school. When we were in third grade, we were already learning how to multiply fractions and such. We only started fractions in the fifth grade in California. I left MCLC (MMSQC), because I moved to California. When I was in second grade, we were already learning about matter, botany, and zoology. These topics, I think, are very advanced for a second grader. Especially when I went to the U. S., we barely did anything for Science except for very basic things. I can guarantee you that MMSQC will make your child experienced in speaking in English as it has or had the rule which prohibits children from speaking in a language other than English at all times except for Filipino/History subjects. I went to a tutor when I was in third grade, they (the tutor) would comment that our lessons were far more advanced than others. Being able to attend MMSQC is a great privilege that I wish to still have. It's a good school. :)


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