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Immaculate Heart of Mary College

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Immaculate Heart of Mary College
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D Savio St. Better Living Subd.
School Head: 
Sr. Guia V. Moreno, SFSC

Hindi po ito ang website ng Immaculate Heart of Mary College.

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Hi Concerned Mommy! I'd be moving to Paranaque this September and is looking for a good school for my 4 and 2 yr olds. I was researching about Immacualate Heart of Mary because of it's proximity and found this comment of yours. I'm actually looking for a progressive school as my children came from one in Q.C. If you don't mind, where did you transfer your son? Are you happy with the new school? Can you please give me the website or contact info of the school? Thanks
Immaculate Heart of Mary College Paranaque really has questionable ranking system. Yes it is true that exam papers are not being returned to students in pre school. I am not sure in grade school and high school. Old timer teachers here are very traditional and lacks enthusiasm and drive to teach. I had to teach my child lessons that they are supposed to teach. And when I compared how far preps are in terms of Math lessons, they are waaaayyy behind ( multiplication and clock reading lessons are already introduced in prep of other schools while in IMHC, they just finish with subtraction.)
I knew even before that we were wrong to choose a traditional school like immaculate heart of mary paranaque. My kid has been thriving, come to think of it, excelling in his class when he was in progressive school. His intelligence was beyond his age, so says his progressive school teachers. But when he went to this school ( which we chose because of its proximity to our home), he lost confidence in himself. Sure, he was excelling ( based on his exam and quiz scores), but I dont understand the fact that his efforts went unnoticed in favor of other kids. I dont understand the fact that they dont return periodical exam test papers and I dont understand the fact that their method of choosing honor students includes essay writing and interview both in English and Filipino. Such could clearly be subjected to manipulation. Those methods as mentioned are clearly subjective. For those who cannot "swallow" such a questionable system ( clearly teacher centered and "not student centered"), please do not choose this school. I have transferred him already to another school where he will progress and not regress.
We are also moving to this area and we are now scouting for school. Our children are coming from N. Vizcaya and we hope to find a good school where our children would adapt easily. Hope you can help us.

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