La Cabecera de Montessori

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La Cabecera de Montessori
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195 Gen Luna St.
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Josefina V. Santiago

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I was very disapointed with the teachers and administrator in this school. They do not care for the welfare of their student specially in preschool. They do not know how to properly handle little childrens "kakulitan". They are suppossed to be a montessorri school, right? But, they are not that trained to be a montessorr school,,,,,, you people there should beteachong military school not those precious little children.
why? what happened? just asking 'cause I'm planning to enroll my child in this school. thanks!
I wouldn't recommend this school. My son is hyper-active but our doctor cleared him of any autism sign, but the administrator told us that we should consult a psychologist - what a douche bag. Mas marunong pa sa doktor.
I am very disappointed with the school administrator. The administrator pre-judged my 4 year old son on his first day of school just because my son show's what their principal called "children school anxiety". The administrator commented that they will not accept him on the basis of him being hyper-active. I am not recommending this school. Will also check their so called affiliation with the American Montessori Society.
our past years were i think was okay but recently we got very dissapointed, one of the teacher scold my son with offensive words, this happened many times. at first i ignored it , maybe because its just kids "kakulitan " but believe me i found out that he's doing it at all times. i ended up transferring my son to other school because they do not reprimand this SO CALLED TEACHER!

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