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St. Benilde International School (Calamba), Inc.

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School Name: 
St. Benilde International School (Calamba), Inc.
Municipality or City: 
Calamba City
No. or Street: 
Opulencia Comp.
School Head: 
Mr. David D. Guillera Jr.
School Administrator

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HI there, it is unlikely to have seen a comment saying a school is home to a drug addict. If that's the case, isn't that school must be commended for giving those drug dependents a chance to change their lives? A chance to progress? If that's true then those "drug addicts" you are saying are those minors who may not have given enough attention by their guardians but it doesn't mean that their lives should stop as it is. The way you see the school perceives how arrogant and pea-brain you are. You are giving your comments without basis. From the year Saint Benilde was established, the number of students dramatically risen and still growing. So if you have problem with your kids being beaten by another student and the school didnt do what they are supposed to do, escalate it to DepEd. Oh don't tell me you have done it coz i won't buy that. Cheerio :p
home to a drug addict, student basher and loser. this institution or they don't even deserve to be called an institution, this building should be closed and not deemed safe for your kids having bullies around. they don't have tough regulations to protect your child. they are into padrino padrino if something happened to your child beaten by another student. if you don't act or complain much, they will just let it go. typical school what you can see on movies. worst that the worst schoold you could ever find.. public schools are far more better than this. you pay dearly and your kids will suffer with bullies. so beware!!!
in that case, Ms/mrs/mr ANONYMOUSTOO, you should teach your child how to be assertive. bullies are not confined to one particular school. i studied at Mary Help of Christians School and i was bullied during my elementary years. it was when i finally stood up to defend my own rights as a human being who deserve RESPECT just like every one else that my tormentors stopped being mean to me. on a wider note, bullying is a problem every where, in our own families, in our own neighborhood, in our work place, in our communities, in our government, etc. so if your child is being bullied better ask yourself why? maybe its karma! because you yourself is a bully! by posting trash talk about SBIS. every parent should always be involved with their children's whereabouts. and yes, you should make a complain when it is necessary. and true enough if a parent has no time to be a part of their children's school life, their kids end up being bullied over and over again. as parents, all of us should make an effort to know our children better, give them all our love and support, time and guidance, so no child will be bullied and bully others. after all good manners and right conduct starts at home not at school. better look in the mirror to see where the problem is rooted. after all, we are our children's first and most important teachers. don't you agree?  

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