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UP South School

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Average: 2.3 (4 votes)
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UP South School
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Rainbow Drive Goodwill II Subd.
School Head: 
Veronica M. Desphy

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Maganda pa dati, pero pangit na ngayon ang upsouth ng si Baby na ang humawak. Konting-konti lang ang teacher na tumatagal. Nagiging training ground ng mga baguhan na teacher.
hello mommies...agreeng agree ako dyan! Gina and  Emily! Palagay ko yung mga naninira ay isa dun sa mga parents na hindi nakakapagbayad! MInsan nasa counter ako at kausap ko yung mabait na registrar. Then biglang sumingit itong  "antibiotic" (antipatikang parent) na tinatakot pa itong registrar na pagbigyan sila kahit walang bayad. Nuong magalang na tumanggi ang registrar dahil almost P100K na pala ang utang nitong parent na ito, aba nagwala ang malditang parent at kung ano-ano ang sinabi ng walang basehan! So to parents just like me, you better check the school, visit it pala malaman nyo kung hindi totoo ang sinasabi ko! Basta OK na OK ang Upsouth! Period! Hummp!     
Hi, to all my fellow mommies....we have 2 generations of students in Upsouth School. My father and aunt, my cousins and my brothers. So far, all of us had or are having nice experiences in school. My dad a doctor in Makati Med. My aunt who is in Sandiganbayan, my cousin in UP Diliman, my brothers both engineers and I myself an accountant got all the foundations in Upsouth.   Now, I have 2 grade school students there. I love how they handle my kids. The administrator is "strict and straight". But I like it. The school teaches good values.   No offense to other mommies. This is just my 50 cents comments.  
  To mommies, I was there when the administrator announced the transfer of operations in 4th estate. I think they are very fair and transparent. And I also learned that it is true that despite the efforts of Upsouth to be kind hearted to erring or non-paying students, the parents of these students did not really pay. Sad to say--60% of the parents.   I think Upsouth is very good and fair.   I went to DepEd Paranaque and told me that Upsouth is a very reputable school. One of the best performing schools in Paranque. I never knew that because they do not flaunt.   When my fellow parent, tried to enlist for UPCAT, Upsouth was easilly recognized even online. I hope my comments reach you fairly....      
We are hoping that this review will be read by other parents who are planning on transferring their child to this institution.  1. Teaching - as a parent it has always been a habit of mine to ask my child what she learned in school. And I was really disappointed to hear that a child as young as her told me that her English teacher uses incorrect grammar. I'm just going to put him under an alias that I've heard other parents use on him 'Mr. Maarte'. My daughter told me that he requires them to speak in English during his class, which isn't a problem for me. The problem is, how can you expect a child to speak in English if the teacher himself couldn't even use it properly. I hope that this problem could get a solution as soon as possible.  2. Facilities - during the last quarter of school year 2014-2015 the administration transferred the students to the school's annex.  I went to the annex to see how it looks like because the administration says that it's bigger than the one in Goodwill. It is indeed bigger, containing its own swimming pool and basketball court. The thing that I noticed was the shower rooms for the swimming pool. It didn't meet my standards.  It didn't even have hooks or anything to put your clothes or towel on while you are changing your clothes. I think that it's great that they have swimming lessons but if they are planning on continuing this I hope that they are really ready. There are more things that I would like to put notice on. I will definitely be sharing more of them in detail in the next feedback I'm posting.
I really hope this feedback can be dessiminated to those who are planning to enroll their kids in this school (UP South Paranaque). Currently, the school reduced its tuition fee to 50%. The tuition fee is down to 15000 pesos for the entire school year. It might be a scheme to get more student enrolled.  As a parent I would like to share our experience with UP South, (at that time the tuition is 2x the amount stated above, this we do not mind, but what made us send this feedback is the quality of teaching in this school). My kid transfered in this school thinking that they do provide good teaching methods and good learning processess since this school was founded by those who came from UP. We were totally disappointed. Our hopes were high when our kid took the entrance examination, but when she started in her classes, it was indeed an empty learning time.  You will definitely end up worrying about your kid's learning in this school. In our kid's previous school we are always surprised with her new learnings, she and her classmates were also exposed to extracurricular activities that had developed each of their talents and abilities, but in this school your kids will never learn anything unless you make an effort to teach them. In one of the school program of the school, the administrator even stressed out not to rely on the school for the development of their kids, she said it is the duty of parents to enhance the talent and skills of their kids not the school-- in other words they declined to have the sense of responsibility in developing their students. As parent's would you want your kids to be exposed under such kind of values? Educational institutions should provide the nurturing ground for what we refer to as the "pag-asa ng bayan", the youth. But this institution denied its responsibility in doing so.  At the end of the school year most of our kid's learning came from our effort in tutoring her after class and during weekends.  The teacher of her class was not well equipped in transfering knowledge, we always get stamps in the books with the quote "Review with Parent". Worse is that this school claims to have a set of high standards without even knowing how to transfer and teach their students the lessons and information that they expect from them.  The teacher of my kid is also the laziest when it comes to providing feedbacks and guidance to parents. She always have this attitude of putting the blame to the parents. We are the type of parents who are cooperative, patient and supportive -- but we got pissed off when the teacher continued with her arrogant attitude.You will never know the progress of your kid when it comes to the absorbtion of the lessons. Also, before the SY ends there was an announcement that they are closing down the school due to unpaid accounts, and they have decided to let those who have paid in full to suffer the consequences as well.  There is actually more bad experience to share. I will definitely be sharing more on the next feedback with more details. I really hope there is one big forum blogsite where parents can share their experiences from various schools. If we are only able to view online what this school is made of, we might have been able cross out this school from our list.  With our effort, our kid is able to learn and do well in learning what is needed for her level. It is due to the fact that we value the time and the learnings for our kid. Sad to say the school does not have the same view when it comes to education.  We hope this will serve as a warning to those who are planning to consider UP South as a school for their kids. Your kids deserve to have a school that is definitely a haven for learning and not just a room for them to kill the time and end up with nothing.  
this school is implementing the "no permit no exam" policy and merong mga additional fees na kailangan bayaran whether you like it or not, whether you'll attend the activity or not, just like the ticket for ballet philippines a christmas carol, you'll have to pay for the ticket kahit ayaw mo pumunta. seriously? sapilitan? what kind of stupid are you mrs. Desphy?
Teacher needs more training specially in oral and written communication. Sakit sa tenga mag English ng naghohost pag may activity, si Mr., cant remember the name. And if you missed paying the tuition even 1 day lang, you need to add 10% interest. Galing noh!
Hi may i know the name of the teacher?
Wrong grammar ang teacher dito. Super taas pa ng interest sa tuition fee pag late ka nakabayad. Walang natutunan baby ko dito.

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