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The Learning Tree Child Growth Center

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The Learning Tree Child Growth Center
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238 Ermin Garcia cor La Salle St.
School Head: 
Anna Francisca C. Lacanilao

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Contrary to reports that The Learning Tree is a good school, it is not. There's favoritism and unfairness, favoring children whose families are born-against Christians. It claims to be a progressive school but it is not. It's so traditional that you have to memorize everything. I pulled out my child because there is a lot of bullying and favoritism. This a warning esp. for Catholics not to enroll their kids there because they'll be surely ostracized. Be wary also a a gay teacher in Science who favors only boys. The owners are hypocrites, claiming to be good educators when they are totally not. Teachers are also corrupt in that they can swayed by gifts. Really the worst :-(
The comment above is not fair. Our two kids are currently enrolled in TLT (one in grade school and one in pre-school), and I can attest to you that none of what she is saying above is true. I am wondering what is her real beef with TLT? TLT is a good school, it consistently produces graduates every year (at least 4) who pass the Philippine Science High School. That's a good number considering that there are only around 30 graduates per year. Also, based on the yearly results of exams given by Center of Educational Measurements, many of its students are always above 90th percentile, relative to other students from other schools who take the same exams. All of your accusations against the school administrators and the TLT teachers are not true either. You even labelled born-again Christians as "born-against?" You really seem to have a problem yourself. You should not have really pulled out your child. TLT teaches open-mindedness and critical thinking, which I think you sorely lack.
Hi Teacher Tina, First of all, I am so glad I found your blog. I have been searching for 3 straight weeks for a appropriate school for my son who will be turning 3 this september. I am from laspinas and would like to seek your advise which school should I be enrolling him. My target is to get him to ateneo when he turns to Grade school. Given that wishful thinking; my dilemma is: should i enroll him in a montessori or a progressive school? Is maria montessori in alabang a good foundation? Or should i put him to cambridge alabang? Any inputs on Young Creative Minds? I would really appreciate your inputs and if there are other good schools in laspinas or alabang that you can recommend, I will be very grateful! More power! Mommy Enyw (
where can i buy their cd?
Hi. I'm an alumna from TLT, and the place gave me the some of the best 8 years of my life. My batch just graduated but we're constantly checking on our facebook pages for any updates from each other or when one of us is going back to visit. I hope you that if anyone new sees the school and spends at least one quarter in it, it's really a fun place to grow up in.
oh yeah, and the people are really fun to be around :))
I enrolled my daughter here for Grade 1 and we are so happy with the move we made!Their curriculum is impressive. I would say that as far as standards are concerned, TLT is at par with big traditional schools such as Miriam College and Ateneo less the stress that children encounter when in a big class. I am at liberty to make the comparison because I also have children enrolled in Miriam College and have I learned about TLT earlier, I would've enrolled my older children here also. TLT encourages their students not just to excel in one subject but in all. It also encourages them not to excel in academics only but also in other fields. My daughter is learning a lot here and still manages to enjoy other activities there such as ballet and the Angklung Ensemble. The school officials are so friendly and supportive whenever problems arise. They made my daughter feel at home in her new environment right away. Ysa is now more confident and she is so happy being in school.
I enrolled my daughter in TLT and we are very happy with the progress she has made since then. Maintaining a small class is really a plus factor. Owner and school officials are so friendly and they involve themselves in any problem my daughter had to go through being a new student. They really give their personal touch, so supportive! As far as standards are concerned, I would say that they are at par with traditional schools like Miriam College and Ateneo minus the stress. I am at liberty to say this because I also have children in Miriam College. And if only I've learned of TLT earlier, I would've enrolled my older children here instead.
try to enroll your son at Community of learners foundation, pioneer in non traditional school
Hi Mommy. I just want to ask how and which homeschool did you enroll your son. My daughter skipped school this year due to financial reasons and I want her to keep up by trying to homeschool her. Hope you can give some feedback. Thanks. :)
hi, can you give me an idea of how much the tuition fee at learning tree is? and how we can apply? i don't think they have a website wherein we can get infos from. thanks.

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