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Maria Montessori Holy Christian School

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Average: 3.8 (6 votes)
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Maria Montessori Holy Christian School
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3 Orkidia
School Head: 
Victor C. Cabrera

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GoodDay! tanong lang po kung may Junior High School kayo? naghahanap po ako ng good school for my baby. Thanks.
I'm going to make my comment as constructive as possible for this school.  1. For pre-school The school tuition fee is very reasonable considering they provide 3 teachers and 1 overseer (supervisor) in the classroom. A major advantage over other schools. 2. Teachers are very accommodating and are open to feedback. I can see that they have genuine heart to teach the kids to the best of their abilities. 3. They have books, if you can call black and white photocopied and softbounded papers, books. Which by the way are so expensive. So that means you can only buy it from them. I just hope they made it themselves and not just photocopied from other published books. I hope they do something about this because even for us parents, we sometimes cannot identify  the pictures in it. 4. I'm so disappointed with the awards they give out. First place longest ampalaya, first place biggest watermelon, best in eating sour fruit. I don't know if I'm going to be proud or ashamed to put a medal on my child for those. Why not give out medals for best in writing reading most disciplined most attentive. Something with more value. 5. So much hidden fees which are awfully expensive that will let you think if this is a financial institution or a learning establishment. This school has a of potential. They just need to check their priorities.
I agree with you. 1. Reasonable tuition fee compared to other montessori school. Also they have installment term of 10 months which is still fixed. Unlike in other schools the tuition increases when you pay in installment. 2. Yes the teachers are approachable. 3. Agree with the books. sometimes its hard to recognize the pictures and there were minor errors. 4. With the awards...although my child received lots of award some from bring me but most from joining the quiz bee, drawings, etc, im expecting that they will give awards like best in reading, writing, art, etc. 5. Mostly every month theres an event so you have to pay event dues. Overall I see a major development on my child's social and mental abilities specially in having wide range of vocabullary and in communicating in english. I still enrolled my child at MMHCSI this school year.
I love mmhcsi !!!
I am also planning to enroll my kid at Maria Montessori. any comment about this school? Thank you  
Any comment about this school? I'm thinking of transferring my kid here.. Thanks! :)

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